Microsoft Outlook Junk or Quarantined Emails

Junk Emails

Microsoft Outlook mail servers sometime are extra aggressive about quarantining emails or marking them as Junk.  Please first check your Junk email folder if you do to see the confirmation email int your inbox.  You must click the link in this email to register your email as valid and allow your vote to count.  If you don’t see the confirmation email in your inbox or your junk folder, the email message may be quarantined.

Quarantined Emails

Emails from your bank and other sources are sometimes quarantined by Microsoft until you go through a manual process to allow them to be delivered to your inbox.  If a message is quarantined, you probably will NOT get immediately notified.  Instead outlook will send you an email once a day to inform you about quarantined emails.  You can then log in through your browser to grant permission to these emails to come to your inbox.

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